Types of Windshield Damage
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Some auto glass servicing centers use cheap glass instead of OEM. Some insist that you go for a replacement even though a repair is enough. They may replace the auto glass and charge your insurance company for it. To stay away from this kind of trickery launch x431 v plus, it is essential that you know which damages can be repaired and which ones need windshield replacement Cibolo, Tx.

Damages can be caused to the auto glass in case of collision. A stone hit can also cause cracks on it. You should understand what is small and what can cause danger. Here is some information regarding auto glass damages.


A crack could be caused because of a stone projectile. A single crack that is lesser than around 23 inches and that is new can be repaired. It helps if there is no dirt and debris accumulation on the windshield as they may lead to expansion of the crack. Resins can be injected into cracks in order to meld them.

There are certain cracks that cannot be repaired; big cracks and cracks that are "spidering around" because of dirt or other causes. If the crack spreads around to block the driver's view, it is best to go for windshield replacement Cibolo, Tx. If there are multiple small cracks on the auto glass, they might form a big crack and the glass can break to pieces any time. So, repair is not an option there.

Stress cracks

When you get your auto glass repaired, the original strength of the glass is lost. Sometimes it causes uneven pressure spread around the auto glass that give rise to stress cracks. There is no origin point for these cracks; they start from the corners of the glass. This type of damage requires windshield replacement Cibolo, Tx.

Cracks on layers

Typically, auto glass is made up of laminated glass where a layer of plastic is sandwiched between layers of glass on each side Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. Any crack caused on the internal layer is repairable. Damage to both layers is not and requires the auto glass to be replaced.

Bulls- eye cracks

This is a type of damage where a dark circle is formed at the impact point. Hence the name, bulls- eye. There can also be partial bull- eye crack or half moon crack, where the dark circle is not complete. These cracks can spread to a bigger fracture. So, they are not repairable.

Star break

It is a type of damage that looks like a star. Cracks lines spread around the impact point. This crack is vulnerable to further damages, and hence, is not repairable. It is better to go for replacements in this case.

Combination cracks

These are the cracks that are a combination of many types of cracks. They are usually caused by projectile of larger rocks. A combination crack not larger than a credit card is repairable. Any crack bigger than that might need windshield replacement Cibolo, Tx. A huge chunk of glass can be missing or chewed up in case of combination cracks.

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