Used MINI - The Mini Cooper S
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In my opinion there is nothing cuter than to see someone drive around in a miniature convertible. The convertible is a car not generally seen so much here in the UK, but are no strangers to the eye abroad, where the sun generally shines a bit more, but it's a car most people want. That is if watching Hollywood movies is anything to go by. In this country however you're not likely to get a lot of use out of that retractable roof. At the times you can though it would be worth it, and the cars are still attractive and enjoyable to drive even with the top up. Convertibles normally have an average to above average body size. The convertible in the form of a Mini though is surprisingly cool. It probably shouldn't work, but it actually does. Then again I have found quite often that things look better in miniature. Who is to say that a convertible isn't the same?

There are several advantages to having a convertible from Mini. For example when you get into a Mini quite often you can feel a little low down, a tad cramped and maybe a bit vulnerable because all the other cars are so much bigger. None of these feelings even cross your mind when you get into the Mini Convertible. With the top down you gain a freer perspective of the world. When I was a passenger in one I felt like we were more visible than I ever have in an ordinary Mini Hatchback or Saloon car Autel MaxiSys Pro. More importantly you can fit four people in without it feeling cramped. They are fun to drive too, having more power than some other makes who commission the bigger convertible. This may be due to its light stature but if that's the case I am not complaining. The fun is furthered by the gadgets that come with them. The CD player and radio tends to come equipped with a USB port, perfect for you to plug your mp3 player in if you want a little musical variation whilst on the road, with volume that is clear. The only disadvantage to this is you might annoy other drivers with the music if you ride with the top down, but with the roof closed its perfect.

I do find the Mini Convertibles are designed more for a female market than for men. But that's the case with most Mini's, due to the assumption that a woman will be smaller and maybe feel a little safer in a smaller less intimidating car autointhebox coupon code. The convertibles seem it more so, due to outward appearances. Aesthetically it is very attractive, pretty is probably the right word even if the exterior finish is a more masculine black.

The Mini Convertible is available from most of Mini's models including the Cooper the Mini One, and the Mini Cooper S. I f I was to recommend the Mini Convertible in any model, it would be the Mini Cooper S.

Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry. Here he discusses Used MINI cars.
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