Using Nylon Tow Straps for a Dent-Less and Damage Free Towing
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Nylon straps (also known as recovery or tow straps) are made by weaving small plastic strips together. These straps are utilized to produce several different items. They are used for military purposes, for sports or even for furniture. Nylon is a very tough, resilient and durable material and when woven into a tow strap, it becomes extremely strong and can be used to pull vehicles without breaking. They are often used in pulling or recovering vehicles, and secure loads to the back of flatbeds, semi-trucks and are used for shipping as well. It is employed by prominent towing and roadside assistance Companies Autel MK808. Let’s see their variations and uses:

There are a handful of different versions of nylon straps that are utilized to secure loads. The first is the endless strap. The nylon strap is attached to itself and creates a loop. This is then wrapped around cargos to hold them together as well as to bring them to another surface. These straps are more secure since they're woven together at one end so there won't be any weak spots or breaks during its usage.

The second variation is the eyehole strap. They have loops created at each end so that they can be used to secure items together and mounted on a bar or hook on the bed of the tow truck. These are efficient especially when moving large items.

The nylon eyehole strap can even be mounted on itself. If you pull one end of it through the eyehole, it allows you to produce a loop with no hassle when tying one strap to another. This enables you to construct a type of slip knot that unloads materials safely and with ease. You can even use it in towing a vehicle by attaching one end of the strap to the tow ball while looping the opposite end around the bumper of the vehicle.

The main reason why a nylon strap is recognized as one of the best materials for towing and securing materials is because of its strength. Nylon straps are lighter than standard metal chains and stronger than the highest grade steel Autel Diaglink. They have the characteristics of holding approximately 10,000 pounds while metal chains could only support as much as 6,000 pounds. They are also less likely to fully stretch out of shape since polyester, is the principal component of nylon.

A nylon strap is more flexible than metal chains given its ability to virtually wrap all kinds of cargo. By employing a soft nylon tie-down system with the absence of chains to pull, bend, or scratch the vehicle, a damage-free towing is ensured. To further increase its towing effectiveness, they are used especially on flat bed tow trucks. Flatbed tow trucks have low profile beds which has a very low ground clearance. The benefit of having a low ground clearance tremendously minimizes the risk of damages being sustained on the bumper, valance, or exhaust.

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